Many of the athletes in my practice are record holders, and scholarship recipients in their respective sport. Chiropractic helps them to be their best, and perform without nerve interference from subluxations. In addition to the chiropractic care they are also given nutritional and performance advice. This "unique combination approach" has worked time and time again to help the dedicated athlete to attain a state of optimal performance, and excel. There isn't an athlete who wouldn't benefit from this approach. Call 973-831-7703 today to make your appointment.

"Chiropractic care has transformed my game both physically and mentally. After going for a treatment, my body feels better, I feel stronger, and I breathe easier. Chiropractic care for me is the difference between striking out the last batter to win a game, and letting up a game winning hit. Mentally, I feel more confident in whatever I'm doing because I know my body is well aligned and performing at 110 percent. I would strongly recommend chiropractic care to any serious athlete that feels he/she can improve their game to the next level."
Kevin M. (Baseball Scholarship Athlete at St. John's University)